5 Helpful Tips To Promote Your Small Business

Starting your first business can be a very exciting time, but can also be extremely stressful and require a certain amount of investment.

There are many things to consider, such as your location, your offices or your shop, your stock, but the most important consideration is how can you get people through your door buying your products.

General promotion or marketing can be extremely expensive. However, there are many things that you can do within your business that will get your brand and your message out to your prospective buyers at a minimal cost.

This article provides 10 extremely helpful tips to promote your small business to increase enquiries and sales to help you grow.

1. Have You Got A Website To Show Off Your Products?

Having your own website can be extremely beneficial to show case your business to your prospective customers with little to no time from you.

Before prospective customers pick up the phone to make an enquiry, the place they go to is the companies website.

by having a website that details your company philosophy, vision, products and offering, your prospective customers are given a very good idea of what your company is all about, what you’re trying to achieve and what your product or offering is.

If this all ties into what they are looking for then they will be convinced you are a good fit for them and will be eager to contact you to move the sale forward.

2. Who Is Your Ideal Customer?

Understanding who you’re ideal customer is is extremely important to the growth of your business.  Understand who buys your products, what is their demographic, how old are they, are they male or female, are they married, do they have children.

As soon as you can understand the persona of your ideal customer it will make it extremely easy to angle you’re Promotion, advertising and sales message to exactly their needs, wants and requirements.

Get this right enquiries and sales will happen almost automatically.

3. Promotional Merchandise, Products And Gifts

Having a number of gifts with your company logo can be very costly and can be considered a waste of your marketing budget. However, by understanding your prospective customers, their demographic and their interestS, you are able to invest into promotional merchandise that will be useful to them and that they are going to use.

With this in mind, the prospective customer will always use your promotional merchandise on a daily basis.  If they drink alot of coffee then send them a coffee cup.  Every time they take a sip they see your brand and what it stands for, including your contact details.

As soon as they have a requirement for your products they will contact you.

4. Interact With Social Media And Reach Out To Your Customers

No matter what industry you’re in, your prospective customer will use one form of social media, whether it’s for their business or in their social time.

Social media is a great way to reach out and make contact with your prospective customers in a very social friendly way.  Facebook is a great way to reach out to people with interests that are in line with your business offering.

As you can see ‘Facebook reaches 2m advertiser milestone as small businesses get on board with promoted posts.  Facebook has gathered a landmark two million advertisers after a fruitful 2014 which saw the firm add a vast number of small businesses to its armoury’.  Reference Facebook reaches 2m advertiser milestone as small businesses get on board with promoted posts

Reach out and start to freely chat about anything that they’re interested in. However, be careful, never try to sell to them. If the opportunity arises, provide some helpful tips and then after further conversation and potential interest then introduce yourself and offer to help them.

5. Join A Network of Events And Mingle With Your Prospects

Many new business owners sit in their premises, their offices or shops, wondering why their sales are down and how they can get their potential customers enquiring to make sales.

Instead of sitting alone in your offices expecting customers to walk through your door, get out more and walk through the doors of your customers.

You don’t have to carry out door-to-door sales, instead attend an organised networking event, where you can show up, have a drink and leisurely chat.

You will be surprised how easy it is to build up rapport with someone that wants to buy your products.

In Conclusion

These are just five ideas that you can simply integrate into your day-to-day business activity.

Over time, with the right message to the right people, you will realise how easy and less time-consuming it is to get a good flow of enquiries coming through your doors for you to make sale.

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